When one says “Yoga”, it may conjure up images of an elderly man doing absurd poses while sporting a massive beard, or it may make people feel bored in comparison to more “fun” activities like basketball and swimming. It is quite a heart-pumping activity, despite appearing to require less effort than other sports.

Because of all the breathing exercises and stretching that are required, it is a great way to maintain both a healthy mind and a healthy body. And I can assure you, it is the least unpopular sport. Even well-known celebrities like Madonna, Robert Downey Jr., and Jennifer Aniston enjoy doing it and even encourage their lovely fans to do so.


It is known that yoga dates back centuries ago in India, mostly around the Vedic period due to the Sanskrit scriptures discovered with writings about it. Ever since it has continued to spread and grow in other countries. Numerous wise men and women have extolled its virtues, and it has slowly permeated our traditions and culture. Sadly, these teachings have fallen into obscurity or have been misconstrued as hearsay for some time.

Why do yoga?

In essence, it is a spiritual discipline that uses various techniques to balance the mind and body.  Below, there are a few reasons why yoga is extremely beneficial:

  • Improves blood circulation
  • It helps you with your balance, strength, and flexibility
  • If you experience any pain, there is almost always a solution with yoga
  • It promotes better sleep and relieves stress
  • It helps you lose weight and maintain it
  • It even helps one temper one’s mind against addictions such as smoking and alcohol
  • It helps with your anxiety and symptoms of depression.

And the above are only a few of the benefits it provides you. Additionally, there is no equipment needed; all you need is a steady mind and you might want to invest in a good yoga mat to avoid sore hands and feet.

Healthy Lifestyle

Yoga for beginners

If you want to start doing it, you can look for instructional classes nearby or, in this day and age, even search for them online. Take the chance while there is still time and begin this wonderful sport. There are countless channels dedicated to teaching yoga to their viewers in fairly simple and clear steps.


Overall, we can conclude that yoga is a fantastic way to relax our frazzled bodies and minds and that it offers a wonderful opportunity to engage in a healthy and active hobby.

The time is now, so get moving, stretch your minds, and find inspiration within.