In our sphere of life we are connected with countless things of science and technology. This has made our work so easy and to grow. Now times we all are using cyberspaces and taking a step forward to each work.

We all heard of the name DIGITAL MARKETING but what it is actually, so many queries arises when someone ask about it. Digital marketing came into existence in 1990s with internet in the january,1 1983 with the development of web 1.0 platform.

In the year 1993 the first clickable banner was introduced after that hotwired, the campaigning company purchases the few banner ads for their advertising; this was the beginning of first digital marketing era.

Philip kotler,” Father of digital marketing”

An American professor, who states the marketing like instructional discipline and introduced marketing brochure for about 60.

Cashew nut shell liquid (csnl) was launched digital marketing in India   and internet services in 1995.

The marketing done with the use of internet and electronic devices for delivering the product and services to their targeted customers around the world, this is known as digital marketing or online marketing.

In these days, people not only advertise their product and services through banner, pamphlet, poster, magazine etc. but mostly through online digital marketing.

Digital Marketing

E-mail marketing:

Engaging the customers through social media can bring your firm better deals and greater profit. It’s well and good if such messages are customized. After the mass sending of e-mails is done, the consultants will analyse its success and performance.

These services are appended with SEO and SEM as well. The metro cities of India are leading in this era of digital transformation.

Google adwords:

While reading blogs or using Google websites, we came across many advertisements, most of these ads are from Google. It is a paid service of Google Ad words for advertising. Google displays the ads on good websites for achieving the connectivity with targeted customers. This allows text ads, image ads, video ads, web banner ads, pop-up ads, sponsored search, GIF ads, match content ads.


Digital marketing is a broad concept. It has branches with even more roots. Email marketing, segmenting and targeting, Social Media Marketing, Personalization, and social media marketing are some of the major components of marketing that can help you gain an advantage over your competitors, survive, and get your content to reach higher levels.